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The wholesale catalogue includes the 60 most popular items throughout the entire collections.


If you are interested in more items that you saw in the retail catalogue contact me for a quote at

Sorted by specific stores:
  • Magic | Pagan | Heathen 
  • Aquariums
  • Tack | Equestrian
  • Museums
  • Fashion boutiques

Since it is handmade each charm is unique and slightly different. There is no guarantee on exact shape and size of each charm. With the technique used the bronze pieces coming out of the kiln shrink slightly differently. We will try to match each charm as close as possible in case of pairing such as for earrings.

The pieces are not plated. They are made in solid yellow bronze and so will oxidize over time and give a very nice patina. Pieces with patina applied for contrast have been sealed and so do not require any polishing.


Bronze cleaning: 

Bronze will oxidize over time depending on the humidity and the wearer's body chemistry. For everyday maintenance you may use a jewelry polishing cloth. They may be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Michael's, Joann, hardware store,...

You may also use white vinegar. Make sure to rinse it right after and to throughly remove moisture.


Please do not use silver liquid cleaner for bronze as it will turn it black.

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