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The coin is of Ceasar Galerius, Roman emperor from 305-311 AD. He signed the Edict of Toleration, making Christianity legal.


The original coin is from 300 AD and was minted in Antioch, ancient Turkey (part of the Roman empire at the time). It was a Follis, large Roman bronze coin wich weights about 10 g and platted silver.


Handmade solid yellow bronze Roman coin reproduction.

This is a one sided coin and signed in the back by the artist.

Soldered bronze eyelet on top.


Different 14k gold filled chain length and thickness options are available.

The thin chain is 1.4mm.

The med chain is 2.3mm.

Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated thus does not rub or peel off.

Also, a 4 mm wide black genuine Greek leather option.

Caesar Galerius coin - Necklace

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