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Handmade antiqued Constantine coin earrings.

Constantine I (27 February 272 – 22 May 337 AD) was a powerful general who reigned over the Roman Empire as emperor until his death. He made the previously named city Byzantium (now Istanbul, Turkey) capital of the whole Roman Empire. As emperor, he named the city Constantinople, which means "City of Constantine" in Greek.Constantine is perhaps best known for being the first Christian Roman emperor. His rule changed the Church greatly. In February 313, Constantine met with Licinius in Milan where they made the Edict of Milan. The edict said that Christians could believe what they wanted. This stopped people from punishing Christians, who had often been martyred, or killed for their faith. It also returned the property which had been taken away from them. The edict not only protected Christians, but gave freedom of religion to all, allowing anyone to worship whatever they wanted.


Reproduction of a roman coin representing Constantine the Great 330 AD.


• Handmade reproduction

• Solid yellow bronze coin

• Antiqued

• The coin is very small 14mm.

• 14k Gold ear wire. 

• Gold filled does not rub off or peel off like platted and has 100 times more gold. 

• Nickel free.

Constantine The Great Coin Earrings

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