This coin depicts Philip II, Greek King, wearing kausia, riding horse, his right hand raised, the sun or radiated head of Helios above the exergual line.He was the king the Greek kingdom of Macedon from 359 BC until his assassination in 336 BC.

He was the father of Alexander the Great and Philip III. To him is attributed the phrase divide et impera (Divide and conquer).


One sided solid yellow bronze reproduction of a Greek coin from 359-336 B.C.


The coin is about 6/8".


I make my own molds and do not do casting so each piece is individually made and signed in the back.


The ring is handmade the old fashion way.

It is wire wrapped as it was in the antiquity with bronze wire coated and a thin anti-tarnish layer.


Rings size up to 7 use a thin wire.

Rings size 8 and above use a thicker wire.


Philip II (Greek King) - Ring

Ring Size



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