Vie tells... The Phoenix

Symbol of resurrection

The inspiration of the design of the Phoenix and the history of that myth.

Vie tells... The Lady of the Beasts

Artemis as the Lady of the Beasts

Vie explains who was the Lady of the Beasts and which civilization and era.

Vie tells... Epona

Epona | Rhiannon goddess of horses

Vie and Holleigh at the barn telling the story of the necklace Epona.

Vie tells... Ishtar

Ishtar | Innanna | Astarte, Ancient mesopotamian goddess.

Vie explains the story of Ishtar, the ancient mesopotamian goddess and how she came about the design of her necklace.

Vie tells... The Jerusalem Cross

Crusader cross of Bouillon

Vie at the castle of Bouillon in Belgium telling the meaning of the Jerusalem Cross.

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