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About the Artist

Virginie “Vie” Blakey is a French, self-taught, visual artist and artisan jeweler.  She grew up in the Lorraine region in the north-east part of France and now works from her home studio in Los Angeles.  Unsatisfied with what she saw on the market, Vie decided to bring to life what appealed to her about the ancient jewelry she saw in museums and so forth.



It started as something she made for herself,  but soon the appreciation for her unique designs grew, culminating in the creation of Vis à Vis Jewelry, which means face to face, in 2005.

As it evolved and grew, it is now a husband and wife team. 


Inspired by mythology, ancient civilizations and the outdoors, Vie handcrafts her own molds from sculptures, coins, cameos and other historical objects. She hand carves her own stamps. She makes each piece individually and then signs the back.  Every piece has it’s own unique and authentic look and feel.   Vis à Vis Jewelry recreates the much sought-after aesthetic of historic artifacts with a stroke of modern design.



Vie’s collections are already available at the Getty Villa Museum, the Huntington Library, the Field Museum of Chicago and several stores in the United States and Australia.  Her reputation and recognition as a one-of-a-kind artist is now well established and she regularly travels around the country to participate in Fine Art shows

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