Bronze will oxidize and give a nice patina over time depending on the humidity and the wearer’s body chemistry.


If you would like to keep the shining finish you may do the following:


  • For everyday maintenance you may use a jewelry polishing cloth. They may be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Michael’s, Joann, hardware stores,...

  • Here is an easy way to clean them if the polishing cloth does not work anymore:
    (Do not use on a piece with patina applied for contrast as it will remove the patina)

    • Soak the piece in white distilled vinegar for a few minutes. Leave longer if very dark. Or apply vinegar with a Qtip.

    • Use a soft steel brush or hard tooth brush to remove the oxydation

    • Don not put pressure on the soldered pieces such as a bail or eyelet as it might weaken the soldering over time

    • Rinse

    • Dry with regular cloth

    • Buff or shine with jewelry polishing cloth (optional)

Do not use the liquid silver cleaner as it is a different metal and will have a different reaction and instead of cleaning it will turn it black.



  • Warm water and a soft cloth are the best thing you can do to maintain the beauty of your jewelry.

  • For a deeper, occasional cleaning, a drop of soap will return its luster. When you have finished cleaning make sure that you have dried you items properly using a clean and dry flannel cloth.

  • Salt water and chlorine in swimming pools take their toll on all fine jewelry.

  • Many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewelry are actually somewhat abrasive and corrosive and can cause damage or color alteration to your jewelry.

  • A higher pH of the skin could darker the jewelry.



  • If you need to clean the resin or give it a light polish, a damp microfiber or chamois cloth can clean the setting without damaging it. You can also clean it with water and mild soap such as dish soap. A little goes a very long way with soap. Make sure that the piece is thoroughly rinsed before wearing it again.

  •  Avoid storing any piece in direct sunlight. While my pieces are made with a high-grade resin with UV resistant properties, some resins will yellow when exposed long term to the sun’s light or heat. 

  • Avoid spa, jacuzzi, shower because resin is technically a plastic, high heat is the best way to damage it quickly. The resin would expand and lift from the charm.

  • Avoid sharp objects from rubbing on the piece such as other charms.

  • Store your jewelry in a covered dry, dark place.