Who was Potnia Theron or the lady of the beasts

Potnia Theron: Ancient Greek for “Mistress of the Animals” or “Lady of the Beasts” Krater volute painting by Kleitias, 570-560 bc National Archeologic Museum of Florence A Potnia Theron was an Artemis type deity. This “Mistress of the Animals”, is often assumed to have existed in prehistorical religion. Some scholars assert a relationship between Artemis and goddesses depicted in Minoan art. The name has become a generic term for any female divinity associated with animals. Anahita “The Lioness Lady” and “Queen of Beasts” Middle Eastern Goddess Anahita, the Lioness Lady and Queen of Beasts [British Museum, 500 BCE] Anahita is an ancient Persian water goddess, fertility goddess, and patroness

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