You have an idea for a charm or pendant. Great! 

 I can create and have made quite a few custom designs. It is slightly different process with its flexibilities and limitations.

  • You email me your idea either as a sketch or a picture with a description of what you have in mind and I'll let you know within 2 days if it's something I can honestly do.

  • Restrictions on designs: 

       - I cannot work on any large scale project. 

       - I can create only one sided designs.

       - I can hand engrave short writing in the back but no other designs.

       - I cannot make rings or bangles at this time.

       - All designs will be either in the cloisonné style or embossed or a combination of both (see examples below).

  • Once I agree on the project we then start the research and development process (charged. see below) and we communicate back and forth until we reach an agreement to start the next phase of carving and sculpting. 

 The cost is three folds:

 1. The research and development $50 to $100 (depending on the time involved).

 2. Hand carving and sculpting $100 to $350 (depending on size, detailed and skills involved).

 3. The actual piece (which you can get an idea of the cost by looking at my other creations throughout the online catalogue).

 Custom orders take between 2-3 weeks after payment is received. All custom orders are not refundable once started.

Email me your idea at


Bee Goddess plaque
Hand carved Bee Goddess pendant
From a carving of god Lahmu
Mesopotamian God Lahmu
My carving into a pendant
Hand carved by French artist Vie
From a loved one's hand writing
The project starts with a hand writing.
My creation including the writing
My solution
From an artifact "The Viking Buddha"
Viking buddha
My sculpted version
Hand sculpted by French artist Vie
Sketch of Mountain Mother of Knossos
My Cloisonné pendant version
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My sculpted version

Hand sculpted by French artist Vie