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Handmade Athena coin earrings.

Athena (Minerva in Roman) is the Goddess of Wisdom, Courage, Inspiration, Civilization, Law and Justice, Warfare, Mathematics, Strength, Strategy, Arts, Crafts and Skill.

She is also a shrewd companion of heroes and is the Goddess of heroic endeavor, She is the virgin patroness of Athens. Daughter of Zeus and the Titan Metis.

The original coin is from 400-350 BC.


• The coin is 5/8" wide.

• Handmade coin reproduction

• Solid yellow bronze also called jeweler gold bronze coins

• One sided coins

• 14k gold filled ear wire.

• Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated so does not rub or peel off.

• Nickel free


Athena Earrings | Minerva 160 BC Coin

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