This coin depicted Athena, Goddess of Justice, Warfare, Divine Intelligence and crafts. She is on her throne, holding Nike (Goddess of Victory) and resting on her shield. Below Nike is the head of Tyche (Goddess of Prosperity and Good Fortune). This seems to be a representation of the statue of Athena located in the Parthenon.


Handmade solid yellow bronze Greek coin reproduction from 297-281 BC. Signed in the back by artist.


One sided coin. The coin is about 23 mm.


Different 14k gold filled chain length and thickness options are available.

The thin chain is 1.4mm.

The med chain is 2.3mm.

Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated thus does not rub or peel off.


Athena | Minerva on Throne - Necklace

Chain options



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