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Charioteer, Nymph Messana (who gave her name to the city) holding reins in both hands, driving mules right; above, Nike (goddess of victory) advancing right on reins, crowning mules with open laurel wreath held in both hands.

Messana, located on the northwest corner of Sicily chose as its civic badges a chariot pulled by a pair of mules (biga). The symbolism of the mule biga is obvious: In 480 BC, a mule team from Messana won the Olympic Games in the event known as the anape (mule biga race); naturally, civic pride prompted the Messenians to advertise the victory on their coinage. 


Reproduction of a coin c. 425-421 BC from Sicily, Messana, Italy (Greek at the time)


• Handmade solid yellow bronze coin reproduction.

• Soldered bail on top

• The pendant is 1 " x 1". 

• Signed in the back by artist

• One sided coin

• Different 14k gold filled chain options. Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated thus does not rub or peel off.

• Nickel free.

Messina Charioteer with Nike Goddess of Victory Pendant Necklace

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