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Hand carved Epona Celtic coin necklace showing Gaulish goddess Epona also known as Rhiannon in Welsh mythology.

Rhiannon is the Welsh and Celtic Goddess of the Horses, Moon, fertility and Abundance. She is associated with the Gaulish Goddess Epona. She and her horses might also have been leaders of the soul in the after-life ride.

Epona was the Celtic Horse Goddess whose worship spread to Britain and Rome from Western Europe as a protector of horses and horsemen. Her name means "Divine mare" in Gaulish. 

Reproduction of a Celtic coin from 2nd c. BC, Balkans showing Epona on a horse with the celtic Triskelion under the horse.


- Hand carved pendant.

- Solid jeweler gold bronze pendant.

- 14k gold filled chain. 

- Gold filled is 100 times more gold than plated.

- Nickel free

- The pendant is about 15mm.

- Signed in the back by artist

- Each piece is fired individually thus sizes and colors may vary slightly from the listed pictures.

Epona Celtic Coin Necklace

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