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Hand carved and hand painted Itzpapalotl pendant, the Obsidian butterfly Aztec warrior goddess.


In Aztec religion, Itzpapalotl (meaning "Obsidian Butterfly" in Nahuatl) was a striking skeletal warrior goddess who ruled over the paradise world of Tamoanchan, the paradise of victims of infant mortality and the place identified as where humans were created. She primarily appears in the form of the Obsidian or Clawed Butterfly.


- Original art work

- Hand carved and painted pendant

- Solid yellow bronze also called jeweler gold bronze pendant

- Sealed with a layer of resin to protect the finish

- Signed in the back by the artist.

- The pendant is about 35mm x 20mm or 1.25" x 3/4".

- 4mm Greek leather option

- 14k gold filled chain option. Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated. Does not rub off.

- Nickel free

Itzpapalotl Pendant - Aztec Obsidian Butterfly Warrior Goddess

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