The design represents one facade of Artemis where she is winged. In this she is depicted as the Mistress of the Beasts with the moon in the background. The design is inspired by the Minoan art (2000 BC from the Island of Crete, Greece).


Here Artemis is depicted as Potnia Theron ( which means "The Mistress of the Animals"). 

The word Potnia, meaning mistress or lady.


An Artemis type deity, a 'Mistress of the Animals', is often assumed to have existed in prehistorical religion and often referred to as Potnia Theron, with some scholars positing a relationship between Artemis and goddesses depicted in Minoan art and "Potnia Theron" has become a generic term for any female associated with animals. 


• Hand carved solid yellow bronze pendant.

• Painted with enamel

• Sealed with resin to preserve finish.

• The earrings are about 30 mm x 20 mm

• 14k gold filled ear wire (Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated thus does not rub or peel off)


Lady of the Beasts | Artemis | Winged Moon Goddess - Earrings




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