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Hand carved and painted Egyptian goddess Nut pendant.

Nut in ancient Egypt is the goddess of the sky, stars, cosmos, motherhood, astronomy, and the universe. As the goddess of the sky, Nut swallowed the sun in the evening and gave birth to it again in the morning.

Reproduction of the Greenfield papyrus from the 10th c. BC where she is represented arched above the earth and the sky as her body. I also wrote her name in hieroglyphics below her. Pendant is moon shaped.


- Hand carved and painted pendant

- Solid jeweler gold bronze pendant.

- Original artwork

- Gold leaf in the background

- Sealed with a layer of resin

- Signed in the back by artist

- 1" x 1.25" pendant

- 5mm inside bail

- Nickel free

- 4mm Greek leather option

Nut Pendant - Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, Stars and Motherhood - Hand Painted

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