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Hand carved Egyptien nymphaea caerulea pendant.


Blue lotus is sacred to Egyptian culture as a symbol of creation and rebirth. Ancient Egyptians believed the world was originally covered by water and darkness. Then a large blue lotus appeared in the water, the flower opened and light appeared thus ending darkness on earth. From the center of the blue lotus came the solar deities Atum and Ra. The flower thus became a symbolic depiction of the origins of life. Notwithstanding this symbolism, blue lotus has been historically used in Egypt for a variety of other purposes including stimulant, aphrodisiac, sexual enhancer and remedy against general illness. Flowers have an alluring fragrance that reportedly induces feelings of heightened awareness and euphoria. Perfumes and oils were created. Teas made from the flowers reportedly induce feelings of calmness and tranquility. Blue lotus flowers have been widely used throughout history as a common motif in Egyptian art and architecture. King Tut’s body was found to be covered with blue lotus petals when his tomb was opened in 1922.


- Hand carved pendant

- Solid yellow bronze also called jeweler gold bronze pendant

- 30 mm x 25 mm or 1" x 1.25" pendant

- Signed in the back by artist

- Nickel free

- 14k gold filled chain option

- Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated. Does not rub off.

Nymphaea Caerulea Pendant - Egyptian Blue Lotus

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