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Handmade Pegasus carrying Eros cameo intaglio chandelier earrings with smoky quartz.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a white winged stallion horse. He was sired by Poseidon, in his role as horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. He was raised by the Muses at Mount Helicon, where he stroked the side of the mountain with his hooves and his marks caused springs to turn into flowing fountains of inspiration.

Eros is the god of love.


- Handmade reproduction of a cameo intaglio by Giovanni Liberotti, from 1856, called "Liberotti Impronte".

- Solid jeweler gold bronze charms.

- 14k gold filled ear wire.

- Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated. Does not rub off.

- Nickel free

- 5/8" faceted tear drop smoky quartz

- 2" long earrings.

Pegasus and Eros Cameo Chandelier Earrings

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