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Choose one coin to lock in the front toggle clasp. Designed to be worn short, close to the neck as a choker chain necklace. Comes only with one coin.


- 14k gold filled 3.5 mm thick chain

- Solid yellow bronze also called jeweler gold bronze coins

- One sided coins

- Handmade coin reproductions

- Each coin measures about 3/4" or less.

* The model is wearing the 15" long chain option.


Please select one handmade coin from the following options:

- Owl : Symbol of Athena. 449-413 BC. Represents wisdom.

- Hecate : 2nd century amulet from gnosticism. Goddess of Magic.

- Nike Victory: 450 BC. Goddess of Victory.

- Pegasus: 250 BC. Winged horse. Companion of heroes. 

- Bee: 350 - 340 BC coin from Ephesus. Symbol of Artemis.

- Artemis: 258-202 BC. Goddess of the hunt and wild animals.

- Apollo: 398 - 395 B.C. God of light and sun.

- Epona: 2nd c. BC. Celtic Gaulish goddess of horses, moon & abundance.

Thick Chain Choker Coin Necklace with Front Clasp - Choose One Pendant

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