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Viking Dragon shield earrings, hand carved.

To the Norse, dragons and serpents were the same creatures and not differentiated.

Viking mythology is largely based on tales of the sea as they were seafarers, and dragons were commonly found in many aspects of their lives.

Dragon images and carvings have been found in many archaeological sites as part of Viking decorations and ornaments. Dragons were often carved on the bows of ships to protect the seafarers.

These sea-serpents were symbolic of the Viking prowess, and were used to heighten the berserkers sense of self, and to frighten potential opponents.

The dragons on the bows of their ships were also believed to scare away the serpents in the depths of the ocean.



- Hand carved shields

- Solid yellow bronze also called jeweler gold bronze charms

- Black enamel hand painted for contrast

- Soldered bronze eyelet on top.

- The earrings are 25 mm or 1" long

- 14K gold filled ear wire. 

- Gold filled has 100 times more gold than plated thus does not rub or peel off. 

- Nickel free.

Viking Dragon Shield Earrings

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